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Diabetologist in Pune – Dr.Reema Kashiva

Dr. Reema Kashiva is one of the best Diabetologist in Pune. She completed her M.B.B.S from Gandhi Medical College, Bhopal and M.D. (General Medicine) from Gandhi Memorial Medical Hospital, Indore. She got Certificate in Diabetes John Hopkins University, School of Medicine Diabetes related cardiology courses from Boston University, Australia, Singapore.

Dr. Reema Kashiva’s Diabetes & Obesity Center is a specialty center providing focused care for the management of Diabetes, Pre-diabetes, and Obesity.

Dr. Reema Kashiva is a leading Senior Diabetes & Bariatric (Obesity) and Thyroid Specialist in India. She is a Director of the Centre of Excellence for Diabetes & Obesity, Noble Hospital, Pune and HOD of Dept. of Medicine at Noble Hospital, Pune. Diabetic Clinic of Noble hospital is aimed to provide recent, optimal, diagnostic, preventive rehabilitative & comprehensive Diabetic Care Program.

Diabetologist in Pune - Dr. Reema Kashiva

Diabetologist – Dr. Reema Kashiva


“Diabetes is not a disease”. It is actually a situation that requires continuous medical care and patient self-management to reduce the risk of long-term complications.

In India, especially it is reported that diabetes which is observed in people with low socioeconomic status is due to unawareness of the three condition owing to lack of access to medical care, diagnosis & testing. This is because of lack of financial affordability or logistic issues for people who are staying in rural settings.

Reports presented by WHO showed that the most common cause of death in TYPE I Diabetes is patient’s lifestyle, new patterns of behavior and thought must be integrated into their everyday life and adherence to these patterns. A patient-centric approach of diabetes care must be built, which is sensitive to the needs of a patient and avoid placing an undue burden of therapy on the patient.

“Managing Your Diabetes Is Not A Science, Its An Art”

How is Diabetes diagnosed?

Various blood tests are available to diagnose diabetes. Fasting and 2 hours after lunch blood glucose levels are commonly done. Hb 1 Ac test can help to check long-term control of diabetes.

What treatment do people receive for diabetes?

People with diabetes can initially manage blood sugar by changing lifestyle. die and exercise. However, not all diabetics would control sugar by lifestyle modification but would need medication in the form of tablets or Insulin. Good control of diabetes is essential to reduce the risk of diabetes complications. Dr.Reema Kashiva is the best Diabetologist in Pune.

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